My projects.

Scratch2Python [work in progress]

Scratch2Python will allow you to view Scratch projects, log in to Scratch, browse the Scratch website, and much more, from an easy-to-use interface written in Python. It will have several more components, like a Scratch API module.

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Ocular banner generator

Just a simple ocular banner generator. It is not 100% accurate, but it is pretty close. It allows you to change the text and icon.

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A website to help new Linux users make the switch. Anyone can write tutorials by creating a pull request.

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This website.

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Fancy Text

A simple Python program to convert your text to Unicode fonts that work anywhere.

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Windows 7 Glass

A CSS experiment which tries to replicate the Aero glass look of Windows 7.

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Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint logo variation. Not far from the original.

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